DVD Cloner for Mac 4 Review


PROS / The interface is incredibly user-friendly.

CONS / If you own a Mac that does not contain an optical drive, you’ll have to invest in an external burner to use this software.

VERDICT / A strong feature set, fantastic user interface and flawless copy quality make this the best DVD copy software for Mac users.

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DVD Cloner for Mac 4

There are many reasons that DVD Cloner for Mac earns the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for Mac DVD copy software. Chief among them is the striking simplicity and power the application offers. Mac users will be able to make exact 1:1 copies of their favorite DVD movies with little to no difficulty.

  1. Time it takes to create a new DVD.
    Fewer is better.
  2. 1 DVD Cloner for Mac
    30 Minutes
  3. 10 Minutes
  4. 60 Minutes
  5. Category Average
    39.00 Minutes

Despite its simplicity, DVD Cloner for Mac offers a wealth of options for DVD copying. Naturally, this Mac DVD copy application enables you to make exact copies of everything on a disc. It also allows you to select what content from the original disc makes it onto the recordable DVD. So if you want to only copy the movie on a DVD and leave off all the bonus features, subtitles and other non-movie content, DVD Cloner for Mac lets you do just that.

Additionally, the application removes copy protection found on most store-bought DVDs. This allows you to back up movies you own without having to install a third-party decrypter. This software also has the ability to read damaged discs and restore the content onto a new DVD.


This version of DVD Cloner for Mac has a brand-new interface. After launching the application, you’re presented with three options: copy a DVD movie to a DVD+/- R, combine two DVDs to one DVD+/-R DL, or copy the DVD movie from the hard disk to a DVD+/- R.

This is pretty straightforward stuff. DVD Cloner does a great job of boiling down all the technical complexities of copying a DVD into three simple options that are digestible by the casual user. The only thing that may trip up a first-time user is the type of recordable DVD needed to perform different tasks.

The most common feature that you’ll use in DVD Cloner for Mac will be the option to copy a DVD movie to a DVD+/- R. This feature is where you’ll find most of the customization options available through this DVD cloner application. Selections include:

Movie Complete Copy: This option lets you copy a full movie found on a DVD-9 onto a DVD-5. This option includes all the special features, menus and other content found on the original disc. It should be noted that this option does not create an exact 1:1 copy. In order to fit all the data found on a DVD-9 onto a DVD-5, DVD Cloner must compress the video. However, the quality of the copy is still excellent; it’s just not an exact copy of the original disc.

Full 1:1 Disc Copy: This is the Cadillac option provided by DVD Cloner for Mac. It’s a perfect copy of the entire disc with no compression or loss in quality. When you use this option, you’ll need a DVD-9 because a DVD-5 doesn’t contain the storage capacity to fit all the content found on a DVD-9.

Movie Only Copy: This option is the younger sibling to Movie Complete Copy. There are two main differences: Only the movie is copied, so you won’t have any of the special features or menus found on the original disc. Additionally, this option does not compress the movie, so you will have a 1:1 copy of the movie. This is a great option for making simple backups for your DVD library without having to spend the extra cash on a bunch of DVD-9s.

Split One DVD-9 Movie to Two DVD-5 Discs: This option is self-explanatory. It’s a combination of the first two options. It allows you to retain all the menus and bonus features found on the original disc, but fits them onto two separate DVD-5 discs. This is an exact 1:1 copy.

Movie Customized Copy: This is where the real customization options live in DVD Cloner for Mac. It allows you to pick and choose which content ends up on the newly burned disc.

Output Media & Formats

All these great DVD copying features would be useless if the software didn’t burn the content onto a new disc. We tested DVD Cloner for Mac with several different types of DVDs. We're happy to report that at the end of our tests, all of the copied discs not only played like their original counterparts, but the content was indistinguishable from the original disc.

One of the most useful features in this software is the ability to restore damaged DVDs to their original quality. We’ve all been in the situation where one of our favorite movies is rendered unwatchable because of scratches on the disc. With DVD Cloner for Mac, as long as your DVD isn’t broken in half, you can rip the content off the damaged disc and burn a new copy that’s playable on any DVD player.

We tested this feature with an unplayable disc of "Batman Begins" – we were pleased to find that the movie, extra features and menus from a heavily damaged disc were restored onto the newly burned DVD.

Ease of Use

Once you have DVD Cloner installed on your Mac, all you have to do is insert the disc you want to copy into the optical drive, select what you want duplicated and click Start. It literally takes less than 10 seconds (three mouse clicks) to start the ripping process. After that, it's just a waiting game until you insert your recordable DVD.

There is one hiccup coming for DVD Cloner for Mac: Apple is moving away from optical drives in favor of their cloud-based services. Many new Macs do not come with an optical drive at all, so there’s no way to copy or burn DVDs on the machines. If you have one of these new machines, you’ll need to invest in an external optical drive to utilize DVD Cloner for Mac.

Help & Support

Frequently, a software company's support features serve as a good barometer of the quality of the software. If you are paying for a software package, you want to know there are people and materials ready to help should you need it. Judging by the ease of use with this program, it’s unlikely you’ll run into problems. But if you do, there are many venues available to contact the developers and support team.

The help menu provides a simple step-by-step tutorial to make your first copy. It also walks through the various options available, and other places where hiccups can occur. The website provides similar information and a few contact emails, along with an online form or live chat for direct contact.


When you compare DVD copy software, it's all about simplicity. And DVD Cloner for Mac wins hands down. But that’s not the only reason we gave it the title of Best Mac DVD Copy Software. It also has powerful duplication tools and fast burn times, and even enables you to recover DVDs that you thought were unusable. If you’re going to purchase DVD copy software for any Apple computer, DVD Cloner for Mac is the best way to spend those dollars.

DVD Cloner for Mac 4